EP 7 - Becoming royalty in Hue Vietnam !

  • We knew in advance that Hue is renowned for its imperial past… however little did we expect that it was going to be one of the warmest and funnest experiences in the country.

    In this episode you will discover ancient palaces, check out the local super markets, meet the new Vietnamese princess…. assist in the an unplanned impromptu vietnamese language class where we learn how to say - “i love chocolate”
    You will also see how we got lost in the rain with no less than 3 taxis !!!

    HAVE YOU BEEN ? Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Hue … Did you see it in sunshine ????

    /********** Partners **********\
    Our great hosts here
    Micro scooters !

    /********** The artists involved ! **********\
    Filmed & Produced & Featuring The Kid Trotter family.
    Editing was done by the magician Violette Martin.
    The amazing voiceover talent is Kaia Stuart.

    /********** And a Special thanks **********\
    To all you guys for joining us on our journey... and for liking and sharing!


Would love to hear what you & your kids think of the video ! Or indeed if you have been to any of these places please do share your experience.

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