EP 8 - Temples, Dragons & Locals in Hoi An, Vietnam

  • The Kid Trotter today brings you to one of the most amazing towns in Asia : Hội An

    Aside from the antics of the Dad Trotter trying to sell bananas .... we took a close look at the amazing temples and the colourful paintings and dragons. Then we took one of the best tours in Vietnam with HoiAnFreeTour and jumped on our bikes to discover Kim Bong Village and how locals live and work !

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    /********** Thanks to **********\
    Our wonderful guides can be found here http://www.hoianfreetour.com
    The great scooters we used were of course Micro Worldwide - and Hoi An is an absolutely brilliant town for scooters !

    /********** The artists involved ! **********\
    Filmed & Produced & Featuring The Kid Trotter family.
    Editing was done by the magician Violette Martin.
    The amazing voice-over talent is Kaia Stuart.

    /********** And a Special thanks **********\
    To all you guys for joining us on our journey... and for liking and sharing!


Would love to hear what you & your kids think of the video ! Or indeed if you have been to any of these places please do share your experience.

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