EP 6 - Fun in the Amazing Halong Bay, Vietnam

  • What do you do when you get to the world renowned UNESCO World Heritage #Halong Bay in #Vietnam ...and the weather is not quite picture postcard weather.
    Well... The Kid Trotter actually had a really fun time... sleeping on a boat, kayaking, learning about the local fishing culture, checking out the little known Bai Tu Long Bay ...and poking enormous jelly fish !
    HAVE YOU BEEN ? Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Halong Bay ...
    Join us and discover this amazing bay and its little sister Bai Tu Long Bay !

    /********** Love for our Partners **********\
    Many thanks to Ethnic Travel with whom we traveled with. They are a local company and really try to get off the beaten track. Whilst most tourist boats stayed in Halong Bay we motored off to stay a night on a little island in Bai Tu Long Bay far from the unfortunate mass tourism that has become the norm in this area :(
    Oh - They also have great prices :) check them out here : www.ethnictravel.com.vn

    /********** The artists involved ! **********\
    Filmed & Produced & Featuring The Kid Trotter family.
    Editing was done by the magician Violette Martin.
    The amazing voiceover talent is Kaia Stuart.

    /********** And a Special thanks **********\
    To all you guys for joining us on our journey... and for liking and sharing!

Would love to hear what you & your kids think of the video ! Or indeed if you have been to any of these places please do share your experience.

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