EP10 - Ho Chi Minh City family adventures

  • Today The Kid Trotter ends an amazing month in Vietnam with a diverse adventure in the bustling business capital Ho Chi Minh City. We will take you on an awesome vespa tour ( Vespa Adventures ) of the city to discover pet birds, flower markets and chinese medicine. Then we will go to the Fine Art Museum with Sophie's Art Tour to have a great game of find the painting, but also to discover the role art places in the country and how art has been used to capture the difficult past. HANG ON TIGHT GUYS - cos HCMC is one crazy city

    /********** Who you saw in this episode **********\
    A big thanks to Vespa Adventures for the tour around the city - it really is a special way to visit this big city … a massive time saving and the drivers are sooo careful and fun ! check out their website here : www.vespaadventures.com
    Stuart from Sophie's Art Tour joined us for a great tour in the Fine Art Museum. A tour with these guys is a must if you wish to understand the rich artistic scene and history of the city through paintings.
    The scooters we use are of course Micro Worldwide

    /********** The artists involved ! **********\
    Filmed & Produced (& Featuring) The Kid Trotter family.
    Editing was done by the magician Violette Martin.
    The amazing voiceover talent is Kaia Stuart.
    /********** And a Special thanks **********\
    To all you guys for joining us on our journey... and for liking and sharing!

Would love to hear what you & your kids think of the video ! Or indeed if you have been to any of these places please do share your experience.

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