EP 4 - Visiting the ethnic minorities in Sapa, northern Vietnam

  • In this episode The Kid Trotter brings you to the mountains of northern Vietnam. In a town called Sapa we meet the ethnic minorities, we visit the colourful saturday market (where they sell dog!!!), get taught how to embroider like the Hong people and sleep in an amazing eco lodge among the rice paddy fields Oh, we also let the minorities try our scooters : )

    What and who you saw in this episode:

    • Indigo Cat - the only Hmong shop in Sapa - pop down on Pang and check out her awesome products.
    • Topas Travel, accompanied us on our trip into the mountains. Coung was a great guide and made the whole experience very authentic. Topas Travel is operated and managed by an international team of dedicated and adventurous professionals. They seek authentic and active experiences close to nature and with great respect of local culture. Quality and trustfulness are all important to thier service and brand. They want to excite and to be exited and to show clients parts of Indochina that is not overrun by the crowds. To go beyond the beaten trails is the core of the business through 40 years and they want to welcome guests to follow thier ever new paths.
    • Topas Ecolodge is the amazing eco lodge we stay in for our trip to Sapa. It is a small hotel, with an emphasis on social and local responsibility, situated on a beautiful hilltop deep in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park only 45 min outside Sapa town in North Vietnam. If you want to spoil yourself and your family, then come here ! You will not be dissapointed

Would love to hear what you & your kids think of the video ! Or indeed if you have been to any of these places please do share your experience.

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